2012-2013 AP English Language and Composition Summer Reading
The course is a year-long, interdisciplinary course designed to integrate Mathematics and Economics and is open to
juniors and seniors. Building upon the foundation of algebra skills built in Algebra 1-2 (or equivalent) and Social Studies
research and analysis skills developed in the ninth and tenth grade program, this course shows how mathematical
processes and concepts can be applied to the study of economics and personal finance. By approaching economic
concepts through concrete financial applications, students gain a stronger understanding of the fundamental principles
outlined in the California Content Standards for Economics. This course is intended to meet the needs of students who
must complete a third year of mathematics and the required semester course in Economics. The year-long crosscurricular
course fulfills both these requirements. Prerequisites: Completion of Algebra 1-2 (or equivalent) with a
passing grade. It is expected that students will have completed the ninth and tenth grade curricula in Social Studies (or
equivalent). Exclusions: May NOT be taken concurrently with Economics or if a prior Economics course was taken.
Much of the material in a regular Economics course is covered in Economic Principles in Business Mathematics.